Much of what the Philippine Contemporary Rock is now was shaped a great deal by individuals & groups who were active since the early part of the last decade.
This period produced breakthrough artists, many of whom eventually grew into their roles as rock heroes.

The group Mighty Man, then called Mighty Man and Yuk (MMY), aggressively took part in marking their place in the local rock music scene alongside bands such as Sugarfree, Kamikazee and Twisted Halo fame, whom some of its members became part of Peryodiko & Pedicab - two of the most sought after acts in the country today.

Mighty Man had that unique sound, enough to get the attention of Francis Reyes who hosted the radio show, In the Raw on DWNU 107.5. From this came the opportunity to be part of the regular NU playlist. The single "Meroove" was picked up by the station to be given a considerable amount of airplay for an unsigned group. MMY was also given the chance to be shown on UNTV as well as being featured in Pulp Magazine and ultimately become a contender for the Raw Award, given during the annual NU107 Rock Awards, bowing only to no less than Twisted Halo back in 2001. Around the same time, mighty man founded a regular production outfit known as "Lolit Solid" which then featured many of the up and coming bands currently enjoying heavy circulation in the music industry.

Iñigo Mortel [ Drums ] Martin Salvano [ Vocal / Guitar ] Dennis Dumdumaya [ Base ]

Coming from a long hiatus, mmy is resurging with a new sound but with the same exhilarating sincere approach to rocking out that the band has been known for since the beginning.

The latest single from the group, "Diliman" (Video directed by Yano Escueta), showcases the band's ability to blend hauntingly simple guitar driven melodies with deep rational ideas into a song that simply just feels good to listen to.